• Holding the harmonica with reference grip
  • Tapping your foot in time with your playing
  • Breathing naturally
  • Train Rhythm
  • Hand Wah


  • Get a practice notebook and write down what you do each session
  • Aim for 15 minutes of practice per day rather than a big session once per week

Exercises to work on this week

Ex. 1 Deep diaphragmatic breathing through the harmonica

Ex. 2 Tapping foot in time with playing chords

Ex. 3 ‘Nu-Ka Tu-Ka’ Rhythm in isolation

Ex. 4 Train Whistle with Hand Wah

Ex. 5 ‘Ti-ka-ta Ta-ka-ta’ Rhythm


Record yourself playing the 'Train Rhythm' and compare yourself to my version. If you want feedback on your recording then I recommend you check out my "Harmonica School" subscription where you get access to a full step-by-step curriculum as well as weekly feedback from our faculty of amazing teachers. Click here to find out more.


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