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The journey to effortless improvisation starts here…

Hey Harmonicat,

I want you to do something for me:

I want you to picture yourself jumping up on stage at your local open mic blues jam... 

As other musicians start grooving, you pull out your harmonica. You take a deep breath, and start wailing out soulful blues licks like you’ve been doing it for years.  

With fluid phrasing, nuanced bending, and rhythmic toe-tapping swagger, you effortlessly keep pace as the band ramps it up behind you. There’s no set or track list, everything is off the cuff, but it doesn’t matter. You hold your own and then some, joining in brilliantly with whatever comes next.

Now, maybe you’re thinking: 

‘That could never be me’

‘I’m not good enough for improv’

‘Only the best harpers can do improv properly’

‘I can’t just create music out of thin air’

Well, you’re wrong…

Thing is, nobody’s born with an innate ability to improvise with the harmonica. 

They learn how to do it.  

And here’s a little secret - it’s not as hard as people say. 

In fact, you have the ability to become an accomplished improv harper in just a few weeks. 

You just need the right teaching. Because successful improv follows basic principles that anybody and everybody can learn. 

And that’s where I come in…

I’m Tomlin Leckie - a professional harmonica player and tutor. You probably know me from my harmonica YouTube channel. I’m also the founder of Tomlin Harmonica School, the world’s most popular online harmonica school.

Here’s me on my harp:

I hope you liked that! But here’s the thing - I used to be right where you are now. I could play a few notes on the harmonica, but I couldn’t dream of just whipping out my harp and belting out improvisation by ear. 

But that’s what I desperately wanted. I loved the thought of being able to play without thinking, the way I saw guys doing at jam sessions. So, I put my mind to learning how to do it. I spent weeks, months and years absorbing harmonica and discovering how to improvise with this beautiful little instrument. 

I’ve now taken all the lessons, practice, and trial and error that I went through over the years and brought it together for you in this video course. It contains everything I know about how to improvise, distilled into one simple, easy-to-follow programme.

Inside we’re going to cover:

Rhythmic improvisations…

How to follow a 12 bar blues backing track…

How to use the blues scale to improvise…

Chugging and improvising…

How to create a musical-sounding improv…

And much more…

I go through it all in five step-by-step modules - released to you weekly. 

I’ll tell you more about it in a moment. But first I want to highlight two vitally important aspects of this course:

You get lifetime access. There’s no time limit on this - you can keep coming back and retaking the modules, or looking at specific videos and exercises, as many times as you like and whenever you like.  

You have a 365-day money-back guarantee. That’s right - you have a full year to claim all your money back if you’re not happy. Why so long? Because I don’t know how much time this will take you and I don’t want you - or anybody else - to be even the slightest bit disappointed. So, buy the course, do the whole thing at your leisure, then - if you’re not playing solid improv by the end - you can ask me for refund. I’ll pay you back without quibble or question - you don’t even have to give me a reason.

OK, I bet you want to know more about the course. Here goes:

Improvise Blues Harmonica! – What’s Inside

Week 1 - Understanding Rhythm

In this first module we look at how to play on the beat, off the beat, how to find the beat in a backing track, introduction to the 2 draw, and playing rhythm licks.

This module gives you the building blocks of harp improv - and underpins everything that’s to come in the course. 

Week 2 - Understanding A 12 Bar Blues Structure

This module is all about the 12 bar blues - what it is, what it does, its structure, and how you use it to play great harp music. I’ll show you how to memorise its chord structure and order, and internalise this information, so that following a 12 bar blues becomes second nature when you play. 

This in-depth look at the 12 bar blues - the foundation of all blues music - gives you a common language that you can share with any other blues musician on any instrument.

Week 3 - Using The Blues Scale

In this module I take you further into successful improv by explaining the blues scale - and showing you how to play it. This is vital, as it’s at the root of the classic bluesy sound you’re looking for. 

This module expands and improves your improv skills through an essential component of blues harmonica.

Week 4 - Ear Training

This is all about training your ear, so you can learn licks simply by listening. I’ll demonstrate the art of call and response, so what goes into your mind through your ears comes out in musical form through your harmonica.

This shows you how to establish the essential link between what you hear and what you actually play, so you can improvise at will.  

Week 5 - Using Licks To Build A Solo

In the final week we wrap things up and cover how to play a coherent and great-sounding 12 bar blues solo. I’ll show you how to bring your licks together through what we call ‘phrasing’, which is the key to playing with true blues expression.

This is where we bring everything together, so you can use all I’ve taught you to play smooth, joined up harp music.

Each section also features downloadable tabs and audio files to help your learning. And at the end of each module, I set you a challenge that helps you bed in what you’ve learnt and prepares you for the next stage. 

Through these five information-packed modules, you’ll acquire the harmonic vocabulary, rhythmic mastery, and musical intuition needed to spontaneously whip up blues solos and jam with other musicians whenever you want.

What’s more, you get lifetime access to the interactive course forum - where you can meet other students, listen to their improvs, and upload your own music for discussion. 

You can get ALL this for just $197.

365-day money-back guarantee. Get ALL your money back if you’re not 100% satisfied.

Try Improvise Blues Harmonica! risk-free for 365 days.

I’m so confident you’ll love this course that I’m giving you a whole year to try it.  

If at any point in the next 365 days, you don’t think it’s worth the money – then I’ll refund you in full. No questions asked. 

Discover the secret to easy improv on your harp

This course works because it shows you patterns and structures that unlock the pathway that runs from ear, to mind, to mouth. The modules are designed to help you reach your musical nirvana, so you can pull out your harp and belt out a bluesy riff whenever you want – no thinking required! When we’re done, improvisation will come naturally to you.

Meet One Of My Happy Harpists

I’m sure you want to hear from somebody who’s done this course. So, check out what just one happy customer - Gary Glazer - has to say about his Improvise Blues Harmonica! journey:

"The course got me playing the blues scale everyday, got me into a warm up procedure for practicing. My improv has improved, my timing has improved. I feel the focus all the lessons have on timing, have really made me pay attention, and my timing is much improved. I don’t settle for close enough anymore"
- Chris

"A key thing for me was that it actually SIMPLIFIED the improv learning process; cut away some of the redundant mystery and complication with which I had imbued it.
All really useful but Week 5 “The importance of phrasing” was an epiphany. Seems so obvious in retrospect it is embarrassing that I hadn’t appreciated that before; especially as I had already been giving a lot of thought to the role of space and silence in music
I have also recently become aware that as my confidence in my playing develops I am less afraid to take a pause and TAKE MY LIPS OF THE HARP. Pause, take a breath. I am less afraid of not being able to reconnect, find my way back to where I want to pick up (that’ll be all that hole skipping)."
- Frank

"I’m more at ease with being able to jam with others even if I don’t know the tune they are playing. I can listen and find the pulse, then search for what licks that are in my head will fit the tune. Or take a lick in my head and modify it to fit the tune. Its a very big deal for me."
- Ronda

"Personally, I recommend the course without any hesitation to anyone who loves Blues music and wants to learn to improvise their own music. And I find that this course is really well structured and accessible."
- Jacques

"I liked that it started very simply with rhythmic exercises and built from there."
- Nicholas

"It has helped me be comfortable improvising bits and pieces and not overplaying the entire time during a jam."
- Stuart

Are you ready to start your journey to improvisation excellence?

To remind you, here’s what you get when you pay just $197 for lifetime access to Improvise Blues Harmonica!:

➡️ Five modules covering all the essentials of harmonica improv  

➡️ Challenges at the end of each module, so you can practice what you’ve learnt and test yourself

➡️ Access to the course forum, where you can meet other students, listen to their improvs, and upload your own music for discussion  

➡️ Downloadable tabs and audio files to help your learning

➡️ 365-day money-back guarantee


Who is the course for?

This is for relative beginners. You should be able to play clean notes most of the time and maybe do a bit of bending, but that’s all you need. I help you with the rest! What you must have is the desire to improvise. 

What type of harmonica do I need? 

You need a 10-hole diatonic harmonica in the key of C major.

How long does it take? 

The course is designed to be done in five weeks, with a new module unlocked each week. But this is just a guideline - you can take as long as you like. 

How long do I have access to the course?

For the rest of your life! After you’ve done the course, you can go back over all the videos and challenges whenever you like. 

How is this course different from your YouTube videos?  

I’ve posted lots of videos on YouTube over the years, as I want to help everyone get better with the harmonica. And some of them are about improv. But this course brings everything I know about improvisation together in one resource and takes you through a step-by-step, structured journey to improv success. 

And you won’t find any of the course videos on YouTube!     

Is there a guarantee? 

Yes – and this is very important as I don’t want anyone to pay for something that isn’t helping them. So, you have a whole year - 365 days - to go through the course and decide if you like it or not. If you’re not happy - for any reason, or no reason at all - I’ll refund all your money, no questions asked. You just need to send an email within 365 days to [email protected]. 

Can I pay in my country’s own currency?

Yes. Although I charge in US dollars, you can pay by credit/debit card and your bank will convert this into your own currency for you.

Still have questions?

Drop me a line at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.

Are You Ready To Unlock Your Hidden Improv Talents?

Here's the reality about learning to improvise blues harmonica:

You won't get very far trying to figure it out alone. To play quality blues harp spontaneously you need to know specific techniques and structures.

That's why you need MY help.

Improvise Blues Harmonica! gives you many years’ worth of harmonica improvisation wisdom, distilled into five value-packed modules that reveal ALL my secrets.

I won’t pretend this is a silver bullet to become a great improv harpist. There’s no such thing. You must put the work in, obviously - but I’m going to give you all the tools you need to succeed.

Follow what I show you and in just five weeks you’ll be able to take out your harp and jam confidently in any situation. That’s a lifelong gift!

Join me today and you gain instant lifetime access to a course that will completely transform your relationship with your harmonica. When you’re done, you’ll be able to conjure up soul-stirring blues solos at will. You’ll be amazing audiences at blues jams for years to come with your skills.

OK, I guess I’ve said all I can. I’m not going to give you any hard sell - that’s not what I’m about. But you must know this: 

So, if you're serious about learning harmonica improvisation skills, then now’s the time to buy.

I’d love to see you inside…