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So, you’ve been playing for a while and you’re ready to start exploring amplified harmonica?

Well, you’ll need an amplifier, a mic, a cable, and a great acoustic technique. But you probably knew that. 

Surely, you’ve already spent ages watching review videos of all the vintage or trendy amps and microphones.

And you’re getting frustrated with all the options for gear and effects.

If that sounds like you, then you know by now… 

It’s really not as easy as simply playing into a microphone.

Many harmonica players tell me they’ve spent hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars experimenting with different gear, and wasted dozens of hours figuring out how to connect everything.

The gear doesn’t come with specific instructions for harmonica players, so you have to figure it out on your own. As a result, your harmonica might sound quiet, thin, or you’ll get so much feedback that you'll think you’ve chosen the wrong gear.

And while YouTube teachers sound awesome, when you play through their big expensive system - your tunes fall flat. It’s definitely nowhere near Kim Wilson.

What’s worse is that most other musicians have no understanding of these things either. And there aren’t many people teaching amplified harmonica either.

The good news is that “perfect” or “expensive” gear isn’t the answer to obtaining a good amplified tone. 

It’s all about your technique and how you set things up.

This is exactly why I created this course:

Introduction to Amplified Harmonica

Get the secrets to playing amplified harmonica so you can finally hit the dirty blues tones that you love

In this course, I will help you choose a mic and amp and work your effects pedals so you can start your amplified harmonica journey like a pro. I will also show you how to set everything up and teach you some cool, amplified Blues tunes.

  • Know how to choose the right kind of equipment to get the kind of amplified sound you are looking for

  • Know how to set up the equipment you have to get the sound you want

  • Learn how to play three cool Blues tunes

  • Understand how your playing technique impacts your sound

  • Get personalised feedback from a teacher

  • Join our student community so you won’t have to do it alone

  • Get access to printable PDF handouts

  • Plus two premium bonuses valued at $68

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Join thousands of students
who learn harmonica with us

Here’s what they’re saying

“I thoroughly enjoy following your courses: they're so concise, clear and fun to follow!” - Ken

“Your personal touch, obvious focus and attention to detail, and your ability to inspire students with your online videos is just fantastic!” - Mike

"Thanks so much for opening up the harmonica world to me, I love it. You are a real talent.” - Marty

So many harmonica players get this wrong about amplified harmonica…

Expensive gear isn’t the answer. You don’t have to get the same amp and mic I have to sound like a pro.

I’ll show you how to choose equipment that suits your needs and budget, AND I’ll teach you how to get a good tone out of it.

And I’ll also demystify how effects pedals work and teach you how to experiment with different effects so you’ll find the sounds you like.

You’ll get to hear what a tune sounds like with or without the gear and various effects.

I’ll also show you how to adjust your gear to match the space you’re playing in. Yes, in this case, size matters.

The quality of your amplified tone has little to do with your gear and everything to do with your technique. 

Good acoustic tone, with or without a PA system, is based on three factors: breathing, embouchure, and hand technique.

So, having a good cupping technique makes a world of difference when it comes to getting a dirty blues tone on a mic.

You’ll learn my techniques for holding the mic, setting up the amp for clear sounds, and even working up the correct order of your pedals.

And it’s not just theory. 

You’ll also learn a few cool amped tunes

Theory can only get you so far. This is why, with this course, you’ll also learn how to play 3 cool tunes, so you’ll immediately be able to put to the test everything you learn. Here’s what I will teach you to play:

1. A dirty blues piece

2. A cool acoustic tune

3. A looping blues

Still reading? 

Here’s the best part: You won’t be doing it on your own.

1. You’ll be receiving feedback from a teacher

Record yourself playing, share that video with one of our teachers and you’ll find out the exact areas to be working on.

This makes it easy to see significant (and easy) progress while playing amplified harmonica.  

2. You’ll be part of our private student community

Come in to compare gear, practice together, or ask for recommendations. We’re all in this together, united by our love for the harmonica. And we love to help each other.

And we’re including this bonus:

Learn acoustic tone, a seminar by award-winning harpist Hank Shreve

Great amplified harmonica tone starts with great acoustic tone. Hank Shreve’s seminar “Harp Tone” will show you how to get a great acoustic tone and apply it to your amped-up playing! 

Hank began playing harmonica at the age of 8 and has established himself as a major harmonica talent on the blues scene in the Pacific Northwest. He won the Northwest Harmonica Championship in 2008 and CBA’s Muddy Award for Best Harmonica in 2009 and 2013. Hank has performed at the Las Vegas Big Blues Bender, The Waterfront Blues Festival, Toronto Jazz Festival, the Cognac Blues Passions Fest in France with Karen Lovely, and Seattle’s BumperShoot with Magic Dick and Lee Oskar. 

This workshop is usually available only to our Tomlin Harmonica School students, but for a limited time, you’ll be able to get it when you enrol in Introduction to Amplified Harmonica.

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So, how do you know
if this course is for you?

It’s not for you if:

❌ You’re a beginner who is still learning the basics of playing the harmonica 

❌ You strongly hate amplified harmonica OR aren’t interested in investing in gear

❌ You don’t have a minimum of 30 minutes a week to learn and practice

On the other hand, it’s perfect for you if:

✅ You’re ready to explore amplified harmonica

✅ You own some gear or are willing to invest $200-300 into buying a cheap solid-state amp and modern harmonica mic

Spend more time playing your harmonica instead of trying to sort through cables and connecting gear

When you learn how to play amplified harmonica from a pro, you'll know exactly what to do, so you’ll be able to spend more time playing your instrument instead of wasting time figuring out how to connect everything or setting up volume, gain, or your effects pedals.

Hi, I'm Tomlin

I’m a musician/teacher and harmonica nut from Edinburgh, Scotland.

Since 2008, I’ve been making a living playing and teaching harmonica. 

Over the years I built and refined a simple, but effective system to take people from beginner to confident blues-playing harmonica player.  

286,000 people are using my harmonica resources to improve their skills. Will you join us?

Learn how to work up your gear and harmonica to get dirty blues tones that make you sound like some of the heroes you’ve been listening to.

Here’s exactly what’s inside this course:

  1. Overview
Available in days
days after you enroll
  2. Gear
Available in days
days after you enroll
  3. Technique
Available in days
days after you enroll
  4. Settings
Available in days
days after you enroll
  5. Amped-Up Blues
Available in days
days after you enroll
  6. No Voltage
Available in days
days after you enroll
  7. Looping Blues
Available in days
days after you enroll
  8. Troubleshooting
Available in days
days after you enroll
  9. Conclusion
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll

Get in while there’s still time to save 54% on regular access

  • Get our step-by-step curriculum designed for amplified harmonica

  • Keep gear settings at hand thanks to our PDF handouts 

  • Make progress faster by getting personalised feedback from our teachers
  • Join our private blues harmonica student community

  • Bonus #1: The Hank Shreve “Harp Tone” workshop (value $39)

  • Bonus #2: Your spot at our live Q&A session on 4th of June (value $29)

Amplified harmonica is one of the most difficult things to get right as a harpist. And there aren’t many people teaching this online. 

Most YouTube teachers focus more on reviewing the gear, instead of teaching the right techniques. 

So, before you look at another mic or amp review, check this course out. 

It will save you time, money, and lots of unnecessary frustration.

Enrol today for only

Save 54% for a limited time

Instant Access • No Hidden Fees • Try it risk-free for 365 days

And remember – this special launch offer is only available until midnight on 26th May...

What if you don’t love it?

Well, you can try it risk-free for 365 days. 

Yes, I am serious.

Enrol today, try everything in the course for one year.

You’ll literally get access to everything in the Introduction to Amplified Harmonica learning area.

And if you’re not happy with receiving feedback from our teachers, or don’t enjoy our lessons or being part of our large blues community, then all you have to do is email us at [email protected]. We’ll refund you in full - no questions asked.

So, really, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

How is this course better than your YouTube content?

… And other Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of harmonica do I need? 

    You need a 10-hole diatonic harmonica in the key of C major.

  2. Will this actually help me get better at playing amplified harmonica?

    Absolutely! I will teach you how to choose a mic, amp and work your effects pedals so you can start your Amplified Harmonica journey like a pro. I will also show you how to set everything up as well as teach you some cool amped-up Blues tunes. And you’ll be able to receive personalised feedback from our teachers.

  3. How long does it take to learn your amplified harmonica system?

    Working through the lessons will take about a couple of hours, BUT you will need to practice a little each day and learn to accept that this is a long-term commitment.

  4. Will I have to buy your gear to get good results with this course?

    Not at all. I will show you how to choose the right gear and make the most of what you already have access to.

  5. How is this introductory course different from your YouTube content?

    I have posted some examples for the course on YouTube to whet your appetite but this course goes into the actual specifics you need to start playing amplified.

  6. I am a beginner, is this the right program for me?

    No. Amplified harmonica can be confusing even for intermediate players. If you’re just starting out, I suggest you begin with the foundation: breathing deeply and without tension so you can play clean single notes and rich-sounding chords without running out of breath. 

  7. I have effect pedals for guitars. Can I use those for harps?

    Yes! That is what I generally do.

  8. What if I don’t like this course? Is there a money-back guarantee?

    Absolutely! I’m so confident you’ll love this course that I’m giving you a whole year to try it. If, at any point in the next 365 days, you don’t think it’s worth the money – then I’ll refund you in full. No questions asked. 

  9. Can I pay in my country’s currency? 

    Yes. Although I charge in US dollars, you can pay by credit/debit card, and your bank will convert the payment into your country's currency.

Got more questions?

Then you’ll love this one-time bonus:

Enrol today and secure your spot at our amplified harmonica LIVE Q&A session. 

It’s scheduled for June 4th, 2024, at 7.30 PM UK time. Tomlin and special guest Hank Shreve will answer all your amplified harmonica questions live. 

It’s looking like it’s going to be a great event. 

So, don’t miss out. 

Sound like a pro playing amplified harmonica

Learn how to get the best possible amplified tone on harmonica without investing hundreds of dollars into expensive gear

Enrol today for only

Save 54% for a limited time (that’s $80 in savings)

Try it risk-free for 365 days.

Yes, I’m serious. 

Get a FULL refund if you’re not 100% satisfied.

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