Blues Harmonica Toolkit

Here's what's inside the Free Blues Harmonica Toolkit...

- The BEST Harmonica For Beginners

- How To Play Single Notes On Harmonica

- Top 5 Mistakes That Beginner Harmonica Players Make

- 7 Easy Blues Harmonica Licks

- 12 Bar Blues Backing Tracks

- 8 Tips For Bending On Harmonica

- Simple Harmonica Chugging For Beginners

- The 6 Harmonicas Every Player Needs

- Harmonica VIBRATO

Your Instructor

Tomlin Leckie
Tomlin Leckie

Tomlin is the founder of Tomlin Harmonica School. Having taught himself to play Blues Harmonica after wrist injuries stopped his career as a guitarist, Tomlin decided to create an easy-to-follow learning system to help others learn Blues Harmonica.

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