Blues Harmonica Toolkit

A selection of the most useful lessons for Blues harmonica players

at any stage in your journey.

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Here's what's inside the Free Blues Harmonica Toolkit...

🎦 The BEST Harmonica For Beginners

  • In this video, I will tell you which harmonica I think every beginner should start with.

🎦 How To Play Single Notes On Harmonica

  • Playing single clean notes on the harmonica is one of the biggest early challenges in learning Blues harmonica. Along with the video explaining how to play single notes is a written checklist for your clean notes.

🎦 Top 5 Mistakes That Beginner Harmonica Players Make

  • In this lesson, I go through the most common mistakes I see students making at all stages of their Blues Harmonica journey and explain how to avoid them.

🎦 7 Easy Blues Harmonica Licks

  • Learn how to play and download a PDF of 7 easy blues harmonica licks. Have a repertoire of these so that you don’t panic when someone asks you to improvise.

πŸ”Š 12 Bar Blues Backing Tracks

  • Download some fun 12 Bar Blues backing tracks for you to jam along with.

🎦 8 Tips For Bending On Harmonica

  • In this lesson, I share 8 tips to help you with your bends. Along with the video is a written list of the 8 tips for bending.

🎦 Simple Harmonica Chugging For Beginners

  • In this lesson, I show you how to play a simple chugging pattern with some blues licks. Also includes a downloadable PDF.

🎦 The 6 Harmonicas Every Player Needs

  • In this lesson, I show you what the six essential harmonicas are for you to have in your repertoire.

🎦 Harmonica VIBRATO

  • In this lesson, I talk about how to learn to play vibrato on the harmonica.

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Your Instructor

Tomlin Leckie
Tomlin Leckie

Tomlin is the founder of Tomlin Harmonica School. Having taught himself to play Blues Harmonica after wrist injuries stopped his career as a guitarist, Tomlin decided to create an easy-to-follow learning system to help others learn Blues Harmonica.

β€œThe way you teach resonates with me. I would think that your technique resonates with most people. The proof is the amount of students you have in the school. I tell fellow harp players to check out your videos all the time. The class material is easy to understand and not difficult to start doing right away. The fact that it is a short course lets me feel like I accomplished another goal in a short period of time. I love the idea of breaking off from the formal lessons and doing something different and fun that isn't too long. The Toolkit reinvigorated and "reset" me to go back to the lessons. I found that I was playing too hard. Once I relaxed, playing came much easier - and more fun.” - Steve

β€œI took your Toolkit course shortly after I enrolled in your school and found it a great kickstart introducing info on many aspects of up and coming topics. Thanks to you and all your great teachers.” - David

β€œIt's a good course synopsis. includes some very valuable lessons like clean single notes and the note bending instructions.”

β€œI would recommend the Blues Harmonica Toolkit, simply because it is a great insight in what you can expect on your journey to becoming a good blues harmonica player. Students get a good indication of the commitment required in order to go beyond the tips given to enable students to progress. As a raw beginner, I’m not at a point where I can claim to be a blues harmonica player, but my slow progression and small successes are a clear indication that what I have learnt thus far, and what I am learning, is having a positive impact on my ambition to become a blues player.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will I have access to the course?
How does a lifetime sound?
Q: How will I receive access to the course?
You will receive an email with your access information within a few minutes.
Q: How will I be able to play the videos?
You will receive a link where all these meditations are hosted. From there you can play them on all devices.
Q: Still have questions?
Drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.

Work on the lessons that will have the most impact on your playing

Blues Harmonica Toolkit includes a selection of the most useful lessons for Blues harmonica players at any stage in their journey.

Get clean notes which lead to clean bends, which lead to great tone and Bluesy sounding harmonica licks.

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