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Here are a few reasons to join Tomlin's Harmonica School...

Harmonica students face two main issues in learning to play; not knowing what to practice and not knowing whether they are doing it right.

My online Harmonica School provides solutions to both these problems.

A well-structured curriculum will provide you with step-by-step lessons to take you from starting at the beginning to becoming an advanced player.

Students are encouraged to post regular videos of their playing for feedback from me. Furthermore, I answer all of their questions during my weekly live-streamed Q and A sessions.

With structure and regular guidance, you will have everything you need to become a great Blues Harmonica player!

What will you get as a student?

• in-depth practice guides laid out in monthly instalments following a logical roadmap from Beginner to Advanced Intermediate levels

• exclusive video, audio and tabs

• access to a private, student-only Forum

• weekly live Q and A session

• weekly personalised feedback on your playing in private, student-only Forum

• Q and A sessions with awesome guest tutors such as Adam Gussow, Ronnie Shellist, David Barrett, Joe Filisko, Konstantin Reinfeld, Will Wilde, Liam Ward, Roly Platt and more...

• Live Seminars from guest tutors on specific topics

• backing track library

• tomlinharmonicalessons.com tab library

When will you get access?

You will get access immediately.

How long will you maintain access?

You will retain access to all of the Harmonica School materials for the duration of your subscription. If you cancel your subscription you will lose access to all the materials.

• NOTE: this is a SUBSCRIPTION which means you will continue to be charged every month unless you cancel. If you cancel your subscription you will lose access to all the materials.

Testimonials from current students

I "played around" with the harmonica for 30 years and did not make as much progress as I have in the last year with Tomlin's guidance. Break down and put your money on the table and get to work. Believe me, it's going to take a lot of time and work--there's no getting around it--to make the progress you want. Yet, if you treat it like you do your gym membership, Tomlin's going to benefit, buy you're not.

Tomlin's classes are challenging for the level each student is at in their quest to play. He provides clear, comprehensive instruction including tabs, examples and backing tracks to assist the student to come up to speed quickly!

Comprehensive and well-structured course for all levels of performance with a highly qualified teacher and a great helpful community

Tomlin is a great teacher and provides a wealth of fun, informative information to study and advance skills on the diatonic harmonica. There are a ton of great online harmonica sources, but tomlinharmonicalessions.com is one of the better organized and coordinated for a great learning experience.

Tomlin (harmonica course)has made a real difference to my musicality and how I approach playing the harmonica.The structure of the course and Tomlin's teaching methods has enabled me for the first time to fathom out 12 bar blues and to really enjoy playing to different backing tracks,keeping time and learning amazing technics,bends warbles octives etc.In the past I could only play tunes on the harmonica with no understanding of musical timing,making no headway,and really limited in what I could do,the course has opened up a new world for me and encouraged me to achieve my goals.

I was definitely able to learn things faster no matter where I heard or had seen it after taking the first course.

Hmmm... I'd probably say, "it's really the right thing for you, if you wanna build a solid base and learn from scratch". That's the situation I was in, as I started with the 12 bar blues course.

Tomlin's lessons are very well structured with clear explanation and detailed demonstration. They will definitely assist you in taking your playing to the next level.

Your Instructor

Tomlin Leckie
Tomlin Leckie

Tomlin is the owner of Tomlin Harmonica School which is the fastest growing Blues Harmonica School on the planet.

He will show you everything you need to start playing Blues Harmonica in a simple and easy-to-follow format.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the school start and finish?
The school is open for enrolment now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced - you decide when you start and when you finish.
What if I am a slow learner?
Although the practice guides are broken down into different months please feel free to work through it at your own speed.
What if I am unhappy with the school?
I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with the school, let me know within 31 days of signing up and I will refund you no questions asked.
How long do I have access to the course?
You will retain access to all of the Harmonica School materials for the duration of your subscription. If you cancel your subscription you will lose access to all the materials.

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